The text under the picture reads:
"FRONT ROW: Howard Shurtleff, Yosh Miya, Bonnie Reide, Nobuyoshi Tachibana. Edmund Ramones. SECOND ROW: Donald Hamling, Reed Phippen, Le-
land Thomas, Eugene Thorne, Kent Butterield. BACK ROW: Paul Hansen, Leon Larson, Thomas Tucker, Roger S. O'Brien, Edmund Parker, Dr. Wayne Wright."

"Y Judo Dojo was organized for the first time during fall quarter of 1955. At first, membership was limited to advanced "judokas," but beginner's classes for men and women were started winter quarter. This year, judo contests were an intramural sport at BYU, but the club is planning to beome a member of the intercollegiate tournament. Sponsored by the Extension Division, Y Judo Dojo offered instructions to law enforcement agencies in Utah County and representatives from the Provo Police Department and the Utah State Highway Patrol. Membership is open to all BYU students and faculty who accept and maintain the Judo Honor Code, which pertains to correct conduct and the use of judo knowledge in necessary situations." (Emphisis added)

Banyan (the Brigham Young University yearbook) with emphisis added.

TEXT ABOVE left picture: "JUDO THROW catches Leonard Mathews as Yosh Miya practices defense."

TEXT ABOVE left picture: "THROWING OPPONENT, Howard Shurtleff demonstrates a hold."