Kenpo Karate Studios in America

The following links are to the original 1963 Kenpo Karate Studios in America pamphlet printed by Ed Parker for his own Los Angeles studios, and for the Tracy brothers' Kenpo Karate Studios in San Francisco Bay Area. The name Kenpo Karate Studios in America is on side 2, (center fold) under "Founder".
However, at that time, the Tracy brothers did not yet call their schools "Tracy's Kenpo" as they were, by Ed Parker's own statements, expanding the "Parker Empire." During this period, Ed Parker pointed with pride to the success of the Tracy brothers and would tell his students that he would help them open their own schools, just as he had helped the Tracy brothers. (Ed actually gave no help in opening the studios, other than to tell the brothers it would be a good idea if they opened one in San Francisco.)
The pamphlet is a fold out, with the cover being on the back page. When the pamphlet is folded three ways, the first leaf of the back becomes the front.
The pamphlet is reproduced front and back on two pages because of their sizes.
Side one           Side two

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